About Us

The Belmonte's Therapeutic Experience

Belmonte's Therapeutic Massage has been serving the metro area since 2020. Founded by Cesar Belmonte, Belmonte's Therapeutic provides unisex services to make everyone feel their very best again, without masking* your pain. Our staff are here to help you feel you again. We exclusively use only the best, highly trained, most talented massage therapists in the industry, making us the only therapeutic massage business you'll ever need. Period.

Cesar has received several recognition awards from his past workplaces, which include: Massage Envy, and Massage Heights. Over his career, he's helped well over 5,000 people achieve a happier, less painful life. He is all of his clients number one pick.

Stephanie has received recognition from the Houston School of Massage for being the most requested Massage Therapist Trainee there, she was among the first in her class to complete her hours in a matter of weeks, and was able to achieve her dream by working beside our father in his business.

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*Without masking implies that we do not use products that just hide your pain, we really fix you. Just to clarify COVID procedures.

Our Professional Massage Therapists

Cesar Belmonte (LMT)

Cesar has been in the massage therapy workforce for over 17 years and has amazing experience in the art of massage, some say he is master, some say he is a miracle, but I know he is my hero of a father. His massages will indeed fix you with regular treatment and precision techniques, you'll be back to normal in due time!

Stephanie Belmonte (LMT)

Stephanie is a newly licensed massage therapist, but don't let the word new discourage you, she has been through several rounds of training including from the master himself, she is as talented as she is beautiful, her massages will fix you!